These videos alone have generated more than 500,000 impressions of the shared branching system.

Indianapolis – July 7, 2010– In an effort to promote shared branching in various marketing channels, shared branching vendor, CU Centers, produces customized videos for credit unions to inform their memberships about the benefits of shared branch networks. As a result, members benefit because the videos increase their awareness of a network that brings the value of their credit union membership closer to where they live, work, or shop. CU Centers video service launched in June 2008 and has approximately 50 credit unions employing the videos today – either online or on monitors within their branches. Some credit unions even use them as part of their SEG presentations.

According to TD Advertising’s Todd Dickerson, who produces the videos, the interactive program was launched to the credit union community with custom microwave popcorn bags – inviting credit union marketing departments to “Enjoy the Show.”  As more videos have been added, a new option allows credit unions to add a “playlist” that features all the videos, and automatically features new videos as they are added.

While the videos can be shared with friends via email and social networking sites, they also contain a handy, pop-up message/link that can take members directly to the “Find a Shared Branch” locator map.

“The key to participation has been to make the videos easy to add to existing websites,” Dickerson says. “Credit unions can embed the videos to make the promotion a seamless part of their own website, or they can simply link to a hosted page.”

According to Dickerson, the videos have received thousands of views. They are designed with a still graphic and promotional message directly on the page with the “play” button. If the member chooses not to click and view the video, they still see the shared branching message. This feature alone has generated more than 500,000 impressions of the shared branching system.

“Whether it’s our videos or other marketing collateral, we try to make at easy as possible for the credit union to promote shared branching,” says Dan Davis EVP/CFO of CU Centers. “So the credit union benefits from getting a high quality marketing piece to promote a product that increases the convenience to their members.  Ultimately, by increasing the number of convenient locations available, members are more likely to make the credit union their primary financial institution.”

Moving forward, CU Centers plans to produce similar videos that promote specific situations when a member might use a shared branch location, such as a version for kids going to college or a version for traveling during the holidays.  As members become more connected to their credit union electronically, these videos will be a simple way for credit unions to distribute the message about using the shared branch network.

“Since our traditional marketing methods were very dependent on credit union mailings to their membership, generally delivered with their account statements, we realized that we would need to find a new way to reach members as e-statements became more widely accepted,” Davis explains.  “The exploding web video trend seemed to be a natural way to transition delivery of shared branch marketing materials.”

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