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Peace of Mind in an Emergency with Shared Branches

Whether it’s because we’re more connected to news coverage these days or because disasters and emergencies are actually on the rise, regional evacuations are a common reality. Take time to consider how quickly evacuation emergencies like 9/11, Hurricane Katrina or the recent wildfires happened and you’ll realize there’s not a lot of time to think through the small stuff – like getting to the credit union on the way out of town.

Having access to your money and financial services via CO-OP Shared Branching in case of a family emergency, geographic emergency or evacuation makes sense in today’s world. With Shared Branching, no matter where in the country or the world you are, you can quickly locate the closest branch to you online, by phone, GPS or by downloading the free App.

Emergencies can happen to anyone, anywhere. As long as you have your account number and a valid photo ID, you’ll be able to access your accounts just like you would at your home branch. In addition to your photo ID and account number, here’s a list of other important documentation you may want to keep handy in case of emergency:

· Style and serial number of adaptive or medical equipment (in case it needs to be replaced)

· Proof of ownership or lease of your residence

· Social security numbers of family members

· Vehicle identification and license numbers

· Financial account numbers

· Insurance policy numbers

· Securities, deeds and loan numbers including company name, address and telephone numbers

· Will/living trust and letter of instructions

· Photos or video of all valuables for documentation of insurance claim

· Important business documents

· Family records (birth, marriage, death certificates)

· Emergency contact lists including a few people in different geographies

To find a shared branch, visit, call 1-888-748-3266 or download the “Find Branch” app for iPhone on the App Store.

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