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Shared Branching: Part of the Plan

Much is being made of retirement planning these days – and with good reason. We’re living longer and we have higher aspirations for our golden years. If you’re starting to think about retirement plans, and it’s never too early, consider how CO-OP Shared Branching can make life easier in your later years.

• If you relocate, you won’t have to change financial institutions.

• If travel is part of your plans, shared branching makes it easy to access your accounts and services from thousands of cooperative locations all over the world.

• You can consolidate all of your accounts into one place, so your financial world isn’t complicated and doesn’t take up more time than it should.

• Credit unions aren’t out to make a profit like banks are – lower rates and no hidden fees help you make the most of your retirement savings.

• Easy access to accounts means traveling to see family is no different than being at home.

To find a shared branch, visit, or download the “Find Branch” app for iPhone on the App Store.


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How to Use a Shared Branch

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