Use the text below in letter or article to members announcing the addition of shared branching to your credit union. The letter can be from your CEO, Operations Manager or other appropriate personnel.

Letter to Members


Dear <Name of Member>,

Convenient access to your credit union is closer than you think. <Credit Union Name> has just added greater member convenience to its long list of benefits by joining the CO-OP Shared Branching.

<Credit Union Name> has joined thousands of other credit unions in all 50 states that are offering their members greater convenience by sharing locations. There are thousands of locations nationwide to serve you, and additional locations are being added every day! There are even shared locations in other countries, including Puerto Rico, Germany, Italy and Korea.

And we are not just talking about an automated teller machine; we are talking about a fully staffed office where you can conduct your credit union business with real people.

Here’s how it works: bring a form of photo identification and credit union account number to the teller station and tell them that you’re a member of <Credit Union Name>. You can conduct nearly any transaction just as if you were at a <Credit Union Name> office. It’s that easy.

Now that your credit union is more convenient than ever, it is the perfect time to take advantage of our complementary line of financial products and services. We offer a variety of checking accounts that are designed with specific benefits to fit your individual needs and lifestyles.

<List benefits of your Credit Union checking accounts>

In addition to checking accounts, <Credit Union Name> also offers numerous other products and services to assist you with your financial needs.

<List your Credit Union’s products and services>

For a CO-OP Shared Branch near you, just look for the CO-OP Shared Branch logo, or visit the website at Whether you are on the other side of town or traveling the nation, we’ll be there for you – with CO-OP Shared Branches.

Best Regards,

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How to Use a Shared Branch

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NOTE: Review your copy – be sure to edit and change [Credit Union Name] to your credit union name.